About us

The website “Meus Destinos Imperdíveis” is an online travel guide about our trips around the world. Our goal is to share with you our passion and with our experience, make your travel dreams a reality.

We started travelling a lot since we were teens. We also lived in USA a couple of years and we speak several languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and Germany). It facilitates the access to information and a better understanding about each destination’s peculiarities. This is the knowledge we want to share with you.

Here you will find inspiration for your next trip, our personal opinion about the places we visited, tips on how to spend less, best locations to stay, how to avoid lines, prices, times of the attractions and much more.

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Thank you for visiting our site and have a nice trip!



Website founder and editor. She’s the official travel planner. Organized, reads everything and it’s always connected with what happens around the world. Passionate about skiing and the family adrenaline addicted. Loves learning about other cultures, Monet and Van Gogh. The knowledge of languages helps a lot when travelling.



Responsible for video editing. She travels since she was born. Loves museums the same way as extreme sports like paragliding,skiing, surfing and rafting. Crazy about music. She has a natural talent for arts. Always ready to travel. Knows more than 20 countries and it’s just the beginning.



Thinks about the next destination all the time. Former swimmer, loves sports and trips that take him to natural paradises. Enjoys driving around the world. Family moments are special for him, mainly in the mountains in the south of Brazil.